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The Process

The Restoration Process

We handle all work from minor repairs and maintenance through to a full restoration which in the most extreme cases, can entail replacing everything from the chassis upwards.

The full process involves a number of stages.

Body Frames are repaired or constructed from seasoned ash, some of it grown locally. The skill of the frame-maker is in making the first statement of those satisfying double curvature lines that the metal will finally express.

Paneling is cut and hand shaped from aluminium or steel sheets using wheeling machines and skills taking years to perfect.

The craft of the panel beater lies in achieving the perfect flow of line from point to point along the underlying frame and chassis.

The Trim is authentic in style and materials. Top quality hide, horse hair and hessian are still used and craftsmen perfectly reproduce the deep diamond buttoning or fluting without concession to modern ideas of comfort.

The Paintwork receives the same painstaking care. After the selection of appropriate materials, their application and hand rubbing take many, many hours to achieve the desired result.


A vintage car requires far more routine maintenance than a modern car. The older the car, the more work is required on an elapsed time or mileage basis.

Wilkinson’s are equipped to keep your car in top condition at all times.

If you have any queries or questions please do  not hesitate to contact us.

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